Three New Fragrances By Flower - Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore, an American actress founded ‘Flower’, a cosmetics company and since 2014, the company has been launching fragrances. This summer, Flower has come up with a new perfume collection ‘Pretty Deadly’ that consist of 3 fragrances- Lethal Oleander, Jasmine Venom and Narcissus Fatale.

Lethal Oleander

While Neroli, Orange blossom and White Oleander make up the top notes, Coconut, skin musk and woods make up the base. Jasmine and Monoi Flower hang around the heart. The citrus fruits and the fresh flowers make up a blend that brings freshness and airy feeling to the wearer. This alluring perfume is for you if you love earthy fragrances. Lethal Oleander is captivating, strong and exciting.

Jasmine Venom

The top notes include Plum and Ripe berry while Black Vanilla and Jasmine Petals make up the heart. The base notes comprise of Amber, Woods and Musk. This perfume in a lovely green colored bottle is highly seductive. The woods and Amber are natural enticing odors that can make the atmosphere fascinating. The seductive jasmine and the fresh plum and ripe berry make the fragrance much more compelling.

Narcissus Fatale

The top notes comprise of Blackberry and Raspberry while Black Narcissus make up the heart. The base notes include Whipped Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk. The intoxicating Narcissus Fatale perfume in the red, audacious bottle has the richness of juicy berries. The notes are magnetic and can soothe your senses, giving you an amazing feeling to experience.