Discover new La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc from Lancôme

Discover new La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc from Lancôme new perfume
Since its inception in 2015, La Nuit Trésor has been renewing itself. Fascinating the mystery of seduction and femininity, this essence reveals to us many aspects of a woman’s personality. Today Lancôme decided to focus on diamond brightness, the newest La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc will appear in early 2019.

This new version of La Nuit Trésor is undoubtedly one of the most corporeal and poetic collections. In fact, Lancôme wanted to give us a picture of an embrace illuminated by the light of dawn. Imagine the power of feelings resulting from a passionate night and suddenly flooded by the first light of the day. Passion gives way to purity. With La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc, everything is only contrasts and eroticism, while maintaining undeniable elegance.

La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc new fragrance 2019

At the sole olfactory level, he had the absolute presence of white musk. Indeed, this Musky overdose serves as a guide to all La Nuit Trésor Blanc Diamond recipes. Absolute purity emerges from this fragrance. The best notes of La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc also emphasize the fruity aspect of raspberries. Meanwhile, a purple leaf brings here the breath of plant life. It opens the way to the heart like a huge bouquet of rose, jasmine and freesia. Finally, La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc ends with a smoother and carnal trace, mixing sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and almond. Gradually, the atmosphere is warming up, and the development of sensitivity increases.
Top notes: raspberry, violet leaf, white musk
Heart notes: Damask Rose, freesia, jasmine petals, white musk
Base notes: white musk, sandalwood, almond, patchouli, vanilla

The new La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc fragrances are enclosed in a diamond-shaped bottle. A real jewel, it seems to be directly inspired by French jewelry. The perfectly symmetrical bottle of the “La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc” is sculpted on many levels that reflect light through the perfume. For the first time in the collection her glass is slightly misty, like matte. The white rose, which is a synonym of purity, is set at the level of his collar. Finally, purple reflections illuminate the whole to keep the more enigmatic and feminine part. La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc will be available in three different sizes of 30, 50 and 75 ml.