Guerlain's new L'Homme Idéal Cool perfume

Spring is a long-awaited season for perfume lovers. Indeed, it often shows many varieties of scents already known and appreciated around the world. Guerlain has not escaped tradition and offers us a completely new edition of L’Homme Idéal. Originally developed in 2014, it already has several versions. It is transformed from year to year, for our greatest pleasure. This time in L’Homme Idéal Cool we focus on green freshness. No doubt: this new fragrance promises to refresh the summer!
L’Homme Idéal Cool is not diametrically different from his predecessors. Indeed, just like them, it revolves around three successive times. First of all, his top notes are fresh and lively, as if to embody the image of an intelligent man. A blend of bergamot and orange, refreshing with a new mint. The heart of L’Homme Idéal Cool, meanwhile, is more unctuous and carnal. He has the signature of the entire collection L’Homme Idéal: the almond. Illuminated neroli, it is also refreshed with a touch of water. Finally, L’Homme Idéal Cool lets hover in his wake a more powerful and virile scent. The woods affirm all the character of this juice, mixing vetiver and patchouli.
Guerlain L’Homme Idéal Cool new fragrance 2019
L’Homme Idéal Cool is presented in a bottle very similar to its predecessor. The square shape rests on a solid foundation and has impressive growth. His amber color from the past, however, completely disappeared. From now on, clear and transparent green dominates. Of course, this reflects the new fragrance of Cool Ideal Man. What’s more, green has very positive connotations in every corner of the globe. A synonym of rebirth and hope is enough to induce all the glamor of nature.