Lanvin A Girl in Capri

Lanvin A Girl in Capri fragrance

Perfumery is an art in itself, whose creations are enough to stimulate our imagination. To cheer up their lips, perfumers travel the farthest corners of the planet, looking for characteristic scents from each country. Then they make them prestigious recipes. That’s enough to take you to a unique place … destination for 2019. It is located around the Mediterranean. Focus on the Lanvin newest fragrance: A Girl in Capri.

A Girl in Capri is a fragrance designed to reflect the image of the island of Capri. He offers us a vision worthy of the most beautiful images, inviting us to enter. After all, what a nicer place to relax and see life on the bright side. A Girl in Capri seems to draw inspiration from one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The turquoise sea rubs against hills and steep cliffs. Sea coves are magical and offer unforgettable panoramas. Extremely large rocks grow out of the water, and thousands of flowers roam the vegetation. It is a picture of nature that comes to mind when the perfume of A Girl in Capri tickles our nostrils. As you can see, this fragrance is intended for spontaneous and natural women, emanating a very positive and radiant image.

A Girl in Capri is a fragrance that smells of the Mediterranean Sea and immediately awakens the senses with a citrus fragrance. In his recipe, Lanvin opted for Primafiore lemon, a more intense and lively variety than the commonly used lemon. Bergamot, however, softens this raw material, while pink pepper plays on its contrasts. More present, tickles our nostrils and awakens the senses. In turn, the grapefruit flower increases the femininity of the whole. The sea chord associated with the Mediterranean Sea then pulls into his heart, and at the same time passes it on a more wrapping drift wood base. Amber then materializes the whole sensuality of the Lanvin woman. Finally, A Girl in Capri allows a cleaner scent to float behind him emanating from white musk.

Top notes: Primofiore lemon essence, bergamot
Middle notes: grapefruit blossom, sea breeze accord
Base notes: musks, driftwood

A Girl in Capri is presented to us in a simple, sunny bottle. The whole rounded, this small bottle evokes feminine softness and generosity, while facilitating handling. The name of the fragrance is then displayed on the front in a light pink color, which indicates its femininity.