Woody fragrances

woody olfactory perfume group

Among the many existing varieties, discover woody family and its olfactory alliances. The woody olfactory family consists of aromas and essences extracted from wood and wood moss. Woody fragrances are a synonym of luxury. They are suitable for elegant people with a strong character, mainly men, usually representing a certain maturity. The woody family includes olfactory notes such as cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, birch and guaiac, among others. In ancient times, fragrances based on woody olfactory families were used to make ointments and were used as aroma for religious ceremonies. Each woody aroma has its particularity, each tree gives off a different scent according to its origin and the climate of the place where it develops. The woody note of sandalwood is persistent, more creamy, creamy, soft compared to other notes of the woody olfactory family. The essence of cedar is used in fine perfumery, it releases a noble scent while preserving its woody character. Patchouli and vetiver are part of the wooded family but do not come from the wood, it is their woody scents that classify them in this category of olfactory family. The patchouli plant, native to Asia, has no smell, it is his absolute that has an intense scent, earthy, dry and woody with accents both sweet, camphor and smoked. As for vetiver, it is a grass with woody and sensual scents.

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