Armani Unveils New Fragrance for Men

Armani Unveils New Fragrance for Men

Giorgio Armani presented the designer’s new men’s fragrance, Eau de Nuit Oud. The scent is an extension of the brand’s Eau de Nuit fragrance.

Firmenich nose Marie Salamagne, who created Eau de Nuit Oud, revealed that the objective of the men’s fragrance was “to revisit the classic Eau de Nuit, which is a woody, spicy scent, bringing it to a more intense and mysterious level.” Salamagne stressed the importance of oud, a precious, resinous and natural element that can’t be reproduced artificially. Originally from the Indian state of Assam, located to the north of Bangladesh, oud comes from a fragile tree and its production starts only if the plant is cut or damaged and it can take up to 20 years to obtain the resin.

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud

Oud is the recent ‘haute parfumerie’ olfactory trend,” said Salamagne, adding that consumers of the Middle East have always been particularly attracted to the note. Her goal is to draw Italians to oud by balancing the olfactory elements, adding roses to the formula. Eau de Nuit Oud also comprises bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, cedar wood, iris and Cypriol (an herb with woody accents). The fragrance is the fifth of the Eaux pour Homme line, which launched with Eau pour Homme in 1984. In light of its success, Armani relaunched the fragrance in September 2013, with an updated bottle and advertising campaign featuring the designer himself for the first time. In addition to Eau pour Homme, the line includes Eau de Nuit, Eau d’Arômes and Eau de Cèdre.

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