Aura Mugler Eau de Parfum Sensuelle 2019

Aura Mugler Eau de Parfum Sensuelle

Whether you’re a cinema lover or not, you can not miss the premiere of James Cameron’s movie. So, inspired by the role of actress Zoe Saldana, Thierry Mugler imagined a perfume for a futuristic woman evolving in the shadow of the primeval forest. Aura is a fascinating perfume that appeared on the women’s perfumery shelves in 2017. Today, like every bestseller, it presents a new variation of fragrance – Aura Sensuelle. Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance reminds in many ways his predecessor, especially since he puts the plants in the center of everything. Thus, it also evokes the accents of the forest. Its very refreshing and green side is dominated for the first time, in its best notes, by the vines. Meanwhile, his heart is playing in contrasts. It combines the light femininity of gardenia with a more spicy and glowing force of cinnamon. Step by step, Aura Sensuelle gently touches the sandal tree. Musk closes the whole, revealing the animal sensuality of the woman Thierry Mugler.

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Alien Fusion – a new talisman from Mugler

The story of Alien Thierry Mugler takes us to 2005, the year of creating the second great feminine fragrance of the Mugler fashion house. To face his predecessor Angel, to global publicity, Alien had to flood the world with absolute kindness and a sunny aura. Immediately, this perfume appeared as a kind of divinity with a seductive fragrance and destroying grace. When the women were immediately conquered by the charm of Alien, the men had to wait long to discover the male counterpart. Alien Man did not see the day until 2018. Today, however, these two genres are united in limited editions called Alien Fusion and Alien Men Fusion. Meet the new version of Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum.

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New fragrance Alien Man Fusion by Mugler

Mugler Alien Man Fusion new fragrance 2019

In 2019, Thierry Mugler invites us to rediscover his collection of Alien fragrances. The origins of this essence take us back to 2005, year of creation of the second great feminine fragrance of the brand. Alien was quickly seen as a kind of kind goddess with a sunny aura. Later he won the hearts of women in a short time, immediately becoming one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. And yet it was a long time before his male counterpart appeared. Alien Man was finally developed in 2018 to re-revive today in a completely new form. Let’s focus on the latest Alien Men Fusion.

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Angel Eau Croisière by Mugler

Eau de toilette Angel Eau Croisière Thierry Mugler new fragrance

When in 1992 he created the perfume Angel, Thierry Mugler wanted to create a composition that “can have a mutual resonance for everyone, something close to tenderness, childhood”. In this way, he came up with the idea of creating the essence of foodies. Today, the category of sweet perfumes is particularly widespread. But Angel was the first! The success was immediate and almost all women wanted to eat the juicy Thierry Mugler’s apple, presented in a star-shaped bottle. Now the story is repeated, and Thierry Mugler once again amazes our sense of smell. His last composition is a call to escape. Focus on the Angel Eau Croisière.

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New Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien 2018

Mugler We Are All Alien

Thierry Mugler’s fashion house has the gift of training us in a world that is always very futuristic. His perfumes have their own universe, which we can perfectly see even in the famous and iconic fragrance of Mugler Alien. Created in 2005, the woman’s perfume was immediately perceived as a kind of solar talisman, a perfect embodiment of the contemporary and benevolent deity. Today, Alien returns in a completely new limited edition of We Are All Alien.

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Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection

New Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection at Reastars.com

The world famous Cologne by Mugler has reinvented itself, and has come out with a rage of perfume colognes consisting of five different colors, in the concentration of Eau de Toilette. The fragrance has been described as “fresh and intoxicating”, with “light citrus notes.” Both elegant and seductive, the cologne “balances the crisp sparkle of traditional men’s cologne with a white musk, making it freshly familiar, yet sensually unsettling and tenacious.”

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