Girls Can Say Anything by Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a fairly new brand, but known throughout the world for its free and elegant style. Designed for a young urban audience, it offers clothes and perfumes. In a fashionable and avant-garde spirit, Zadig & Voltaire preaches a certain image of freedom, encouraging their clients to live the way they want. According to this philosophy, Zadig & Voltaire created in 2018 a fragrance for women named Girls Can Do Anything. From now on this essence is accompanied by a younger sister. This year 2019 Zadig & Voltaire presents the fragrance of Girls Can Say Anything.
Let’s start with the discovery of the world of Girls Can Say Anything, the new smell of Zadig & Voltaire. With him, feminism seems more radiant and unrestrained than ever. The brand invites the person who wears his fragrance, to experiment with new things and to fully engage in matters that seem appropriate to him. This fragrance is completely liberated from conventional luxury codes and exhibits fiery energy and uncontrollable lightness. From now on, a woman who revels in her scent becomes free in her choices. Luxury is becoming more and more daring every day. Girls Can Say Anything is a fragrance that is part of the fern family, an olfactory category widely disseminated and valued. Modern and light fern is invented here with poetry and romance. Enriched with noble flowers, such as iris and peony. If Iris traditionally creates classic powdery accents, the peony on its side is more complex. It is floral and fruity, abundant but not rich. Vanilla brings a slightly delightful and oriental breath to this fragrance. Its sweetness and piquancy is intensified by the presence of tonka beans. Finally, Girls Can Say Anything ends with a more animal and sensual touch of musk.
Girls Can Say Anything Zadig & Voltaire 2019
Like the previous Girls Can Do Anything bottles, the Zadig & Voltaire brand was inspired by a bottle of water. If this choice is unexpected, it fully assumes the sign, displaying a very modern and elegant, but also uninhibited and free. This form of the water bottle is displayed in particular at the base of the bottle. The chrome cap protrudes from the set to get more sophistication. The pink coloring of previous Girls Can Do Anything has disappeared in favor of a new red color.