How a smell creates Your image?


A smell is an important component of the image – apply it consciously!  Fragrance that you choose for the occasion, many of you are saying. Check out how to consciously create your own image of them. Which scents and in what situation you need the most.People are more likely to spend time near you, consider you for a clean and well maintained, when you smell nice. It is kind of obvious, but if it happened you go home without perfumes or carelessly you used the incidental scent, it’s time you used them more consciously. No matter whether it is a business meeting or travel in the common range-surrounding You fragrances make it for others you are an ideal society. Use every opportunity to consciously highlight the smell of your strengths.

1. Send specific messages

When you go on a date, you dress alluring dress, which reveals what should reveal and do evening makeup with cat eyes and red lips lead role. Perfumes – sweet, warm, with oriental notes. Effect? Your companion not only see a beautiful woman, but feel your appeal all senses and willingly surrender to of seductive aura.

2. Intriguing and unforgettable.

How smell that makes people remember you more easily? For example, in elegant, evening out choose oriental, fruity scents with a strong touch of musk. Your companions will be impressed. If you manage to intrigue their scent for a long time recognize you as a woman intriguing. And then, feeling similar a perfume, they will automatically think of you … The mechanism is so very simple!

3. Just a drop of perfume and you are beautiful in any situation!

Stretched tracksuit and home version of yourself, which you hide from the world under a blanket is not a good idea! Even if a large part of the day you spend at home, perfume (and delicate makeup) is the best way for you to feel attractive. You do not have to hide. You are beautiful in every situation. And when unexpectedly a friend from the office will visit you , you don’t have to explain that today you have the blues – cause you don’t!

4. Always in a good mood.

When you feel that you have a bad mood, please take a while. Tear off thoughts from the problems, fix your makeup and apply a few drops of your favorite classic perfume. You’ll see in the mirror a wonderful woman who overcomes obstacles. An oriental fruity notes are sensual but remember that sensuality is feminine strength and power.


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