Armani Privé New York

Giorgio ArmaniPrivé New York Edition eau de parfum

Each new fragrance of Armani/Privé collection is a journey into the heart of the Giorgio Armani world. An unrivaled balance of perfection, the quintessence of rare and luminous ingredients. A masterly haute parfumerie creation designed to exalt moments of pure emotion. New York is the newest fragrance to enrich the Armani/Privé range.

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Jennifer Aniston Luxe new fragrance

Jennifer Aniston Luxe perfume for her fragrance

In the summer of 2017, Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston launches a new perfume – the fifth of her collection – called simple Jennifer Aniston Luxe. Leaving the beach as inspiration for her previous fragrances, she turns into something more sultry, elegant and effortlessly glamorous, finding inspiration in the feeling of slipping into a little black dress.

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Diesel Bad Intense fragrance for men

bad intense perfume for men

It was in 2016 that the house Diesel fashioned smell bad, juice “for people who do what they want, when they want. For men who only its own rules, those of Bad Guide “. Fast, Bad men aroused curiosity and led to unprecedented popularity. Also, I would like to highlight once again its extravagance and boldness, Diesel has decided on a new […]

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Obsessed by Obsession – Calvin Klein Obsessed

Calvin Klein Obsessed fragrance

Fashion house Calvin Klein refers to the past and draw inspiration from their own heritage, creating new scents deeply rooted in the style already established brand. The Obsession for 1985 and the Obsession for Men in 1986 will have their second comeback to the new pair of perfumes, which will appear in early July 2017 – Obsessed for Women and Obsessed for […]

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