Incandessence Lotus - ethereal, exotic, magical!

Show what true female beauty is and dazzle the world with your pure energy. Incandessence Lotus will brighten up your inner glow. In every woman lies the hidden, inexhaustible energy of life. This clean, warm light inspired Avon to create Incandessence Lotus. Avon introduces a fragrance that expresses its pristine beauty and allows it to enter the visible world. Discover the new fragrance from the best-selling Avon Incandessence collection – Incandessence Lotus … ethereal, exotic, magical!

Feel the magical power of the lotus flower. Carefully selected floral notes Incandessence Lotus brighten up your feminine charm. You will feel that the world begins to see what previously was visible only to you. Your vitality, your brilliance, your inner beauty. The first sparks of heat will evoke the aromatic note of quince, combined with the freshness of citruses. In the second act, a clean, floral chord of a lotus flower will wrap your senses to connect with noble, deep aroma of a polisander wood that will complete the whole fragrance and make it truly special.

Avon Incandessence Lotus Eau de Parfum 2018 new fragrance

Quince, Citruses
Lotus flower, White flowers

Avon Incandessence Lotus Eau de Parfum is available in Avon stores and representatives in selected countries.