New fragrance Flowerbomb Midnight Viktor & Rolf

New fragrance Flowerbomb Midnight Viktor & Rolf new fragrance

It was in 2005 that the Viktor & Rolf company decided to make perfumes to complement its vast world of beauty. The fashion house Viktor & Rolf first created a feminine essence called Flowerbomb. Packed in a bottle shaped like a grenade to detach enough to get drunk infinitely sweet and flowery perfume. Focused by optimism, Flowerbomb immediately gained many supporters. Today, wanting to offer women new experiences and give them even more excitement, Viktor & Rolf decided to reinvent his perfume. Now it becomes Flowerbomb Midnight and takes us into the heart of the night.

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Eve Truth – a new delightful fragrance at the Avon Eve Collection

avon eve truth eau de parfum 2019

Eve Truth is the latest fragrance from the best-selling Eve brand. Eve Duet, the first fragrance in the composition of Eve, won last year a very prestigious award of the Fragrance Foundation. Created by the world-famous French perfumer Laurent Le Guerneca, who has won over 10 awards from the Fragrance Foundation. Fascinating fragrance created to give women the freedom to be themselves. It combines delicate floral notes, energetic fruits and sensual minerals – including a living magnetite, the most magnetic of all the minerals found in nature – to reflect the freedom of a modern woman to strengthen her “true self”.

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Alien Fusion – a new talisman from Mugler

The story of Alien Thierry Mugler takes us to 2005, the year of creating the second great feminine fragrance of the Mugler fashion house. To face his predecessor Angel, to global publicity, Alien had to flood the world with absolute kindness and a sunny aura. Immediately, this perfume appeared as a kind of divinity with a seductive fragrance and destroying grace. When the women were immediately conquered by the charm of Alien, the men had to wait long to discover the male counterpart. Alien Man did not see the day until 2018. Today, however, these two genres are united in limited editions called Alien Fusion and Alien Men Fusion. Meet the new version of Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum.

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New fragrance Alien Man Fusion by Mugler

Mugler Alien Man Fusion new fragrance 2019

In 2019, Thierry Mugler invites us to rediscover his collection of Alien fragrances. The origins of this essence take us back to 2005, year of creation of the second great feminine fragrance of the brand. Alien was quickly seen as a kind of kind goddess with a sunny aura. Later he won the hearts of women in a short time, immediately becoming one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. And yet it was a long time before his male counterpart appeared. Alien Man was finally developed in 2018 to re-revive today in a completely new form. Let’s focus on the latest Alien Men Fusion.

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Eau de parfum Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic Hugo Boss

The fragrance Boss Bottled was created in 1998 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Boss Bottled emphasizes the natural elegance of men, combining classicism and modernity. The brand has just announced the creation of two new juices from its fragrance. They emphasize the sensuality of the man who wears them, through the presence of wood oud, and at the same time enrich this noble component of other warm and glowing raw materials. One of these newcomers is Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic and emphasizes the fiery sensuality of the male personality.

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Miami Blossom – the new Escada fragrance

The Escada brand is associated with the world of luxury and is known all over the world for its clothing creations. In 1993, she created a fragrance called Chiffon Sorbet, the first fragrance from a long series. Since that day, Escada has been developing a new fragrance year after year, specially designed for the summer season. Each of them is always awaited by the fashionistas, and the latest in 2019 you can admire … The creation of Escada is called Miami Blossom and appears as a fruity cocktail, elegant and euphoric.

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Angel Eau Croisière by Mugler

Eau de toilette Angel Eau Croisière Thierry Mugler new fragrance

When in 1992 he created the perfume Angel, Thierry Mugler wanted to create a composition that “can have a mutual resonance for everyone, something close to tenderness, childhood”. In this way, he came up with the idea of creating the essence of foodies. Today, the category of sweet perfumes is particularly widespread. But Angel was the first! The success was immediate and almost all women wanted to eat the juicy Thierry Mugler’s apple, presented in a star-shaped bottle. Now the story is repeated, and Thierry Mugler once again amazes our sense of smell. His last composition is a call to escape. Focus on the Angel Eau Croisière.

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The Only One 2 Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfum

The Only One 2 Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfum new perfume 2019

It all began in 2006 with the creation of The One Dolce & Gabbana perfume, a symbol of femininity, desire and splendor. By introducing us to the classic and baroque universe, The One immediately gained countless followers. He quickly noticed many varieties of his fragrance, as evidenced by L’Eau The One from 2008, Rose The One from 2009, The One Desire of 2013, The One Eau de Toilette 2017, or recently as The Only One from 2018. The year 2019 continues this dynamism, offering us the second chapter in the history of the One. Focus on The Only One 2, a model of a woman admired by everyone.

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Spicebomb Night Vision for men by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf SpiceBomb Night Vision new fragrance

In 2005, Viktor and Rolf entered the world of perfumes, creating a Flowerbomb, a kind of bomb filled with flowers. Then, in 2012, “after creating the most explosive female fragrance, men experienced a trace of jealousy.” That’s how Spicebomb perfumes were born. Efficiently functioning, this fragrance quickly became the bestseller of Viktor and Rolf. Even today, he discovers himself and takes us this time to a more nocturnal world. In conclusion, Spicebomb Night Vision intends to raise the temperature!

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New Perfume Tom Ford Beau de Jour

new fragrance Beau de Jour tom ford 2019

Tom Ford is a creator who is unlike any other and will stop at nothing to let his creativity speak. With him, whatever the trend, Tom Ford is distinguished above all by his love of beauty, luxurious raw materials and craftsmanship. His Private Blend collection is a perfect illustration of this philosophy. This time, at the end of 2018, Tom Ford has decided to address all the dandies of modern times. He offers them a distinguished but no less masculine fragrance. Focus on the latest novelty of the brand: Beau de Jour, a luxurious but unconventional perfume.

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New fragrance Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

New fragrance Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose new fragrance

To celebrate his heritage, Guerlain decided to create a prestigious perfume, in his own image, Mon Guerlain. The success was immediate! A year later, Mon Guerlain releases two other variants of this fragrance, a floral eau de parfum composed of a more sunny bouquet and toilet water lit with mandarin, neroli, bergamot and pear. Another variant of Mon Guerlain will appear in 2019. Focus on My Guerlain Bloom of Rose.

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New Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien 2018

Mugler We Are All Alien

Thierry Mugler’s fashion house has the gift of training us in a world that is always very futuristic. His perfumes have their own universe, which we can perfectly see even in the famous and iconic fragrance of Mugler Alien. Created in 2005, the woman’s perfume was immediately perceived as a kind of solar talisman, a perfect embodiment of the contemporary and benevolent deity. Today, Alien returns in a completely new limited edition of We Are All Alien.

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Jil Sander Simply Eau de Parfum Poudrée

Jil Sander Simply Eau Poudrée Eau de Parfum

With powdery, delicate sensuality, Just Eau Poudrée fragrance by Jil Sander enchants your senses. An extremely designed bottle perfectly reflects the undisturbed aura of this exclusive fragrance composition, which perfectly combines seemingly contradictory elements. Jil Sander Simply Eau de Parfum Poudrée presents itself as a combination of elegant understatement and sparkling joy of life and as an olfactory tribute to a contemporary woman who independently and freely experiences her individual personality.

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Irresistible scent of positivity in a bottle – Avon Life Colour by K.T.

Avon Life Colour by K.T. 2018 new fragrance

In partnership with Avon, Kenzo Takada presents the Avon Life Color fragrances for Her and for Him. The free spirit and joy of living of Kenzo Takada give color to the new Avon perfumery launches. Avon Life Color by Kenzo Takada is yet another exclusive creation of the renowned Japanese stylist for the brand and arrive this month to the global market in the male and female versions. To compose colorful and surprising essences of each version, Kenzo Takada and perfumers were looking for elements that could translate emotions into colors. Fragrances have been developed for people who see beauty everywhere and like to discover life with creativity, spreading joy wherever they are.

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La Femme Prada Absolu & L’Homme Prada Absolu – the quintessence of Prada

Prada - La Femme Prada Absolu & L'Homme Prada Absolu

House Prada shines throughout the world and is one of the best Italian flagship brands in the world. The brand is first and foremost known for its elegance and fashion, regardless of whether it is women’s or men’s clothing. As a tribute to the individuality of each woman and every man, the fashion house Prada created two complementary perfumes, in 2016: La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada. Today, these two iconic fragrances are changing and reveal a new aspect of their personality in the collector’s edition, which is due to appear in October 2018. Let’s focus on the quintessence of absolute luxury in the limited edition of La Femme Prada Absolu & L’Homme Prada Absolu.

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Ombré Leather, the new leathery perfume from Tom Ford

New fragrance Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Today, perfumes are just as widespread in the women’s sector as in the men’s world. In this connection, the interweaving of these two worlds is becoming more and more popular to extract androgynous essences. Mixed perfumes are especially popular. They can share with their beloved, leaving a warm and seductive trace on the skin. In this context, Tom Ford decided to reveal a completely new unisex fragrance. Focus on Ombré Leather, the latest creation of the brand.

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