New Eau de Toilette Cartier La Panthère

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Toilette 2018

The iconic Panthère de Cartier now takes the form of Eau de Toilette. The Panther has always been a very strong symbol for the Cartier House. Thus, in 2014, the brand decided to decline this iconic beast into a perfume. The emblem of the jeweler has for several years already a particularly feminine scent, which continues to metamorphose into multiple versions. As if to succeed La Panthère Extract of 2014, La Panthère Eau Légère 2015, or La Panthère Edition Soir and La Panthère Absolu 2016, Cartier chose this time to focus on freshness. Perfectly adapted to the spring season, La Panthère becomes a Eau de Toilette.

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A new Eau de Toilette Mademoiselle Rochas

Mademoiselle Rochas becomes a fresh and spring Eau de Toilette. Incarnated on the screen by the young actress Noémie Schmidt, previously discovered in the Versailles series, the perfume Mademoiselle Rochas never ceases to be talked about. Fresh and spontaneous, it is the perfect incarnation of a Parisian today. This fragrance bursting with surprises radiates and radiates the world of its solar scent. It is intended for all curious women, full of life and daring of our time. Today, he gives us a whole new face and adapts to the […]

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Mugler Alien Flora Futura

Thierry Mugler Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette

Alien Flora Futura, the radiant new goddess of Thierry Mugler. Alien is the name of Thierry Mugler’s second great female perfume. He made his appearance 13 years after the creation of the Angel icon and had to be at the height of his predecessor. Since 2005, the bet seems brilliantly successful. Alien has become a great classic of feminine perfumery, a sort of divinity that makes the woman who wears it shine. Today, Thierry Mugler has just announced the release of a new olfactory variation of its floral and […]

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Mon Eau, the new fragrance Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka Mon Eau new perfume 2018

Mon Eau, the new fresh and fruity essence of Lolita Lempicka. It was in 1997 that Lolita Lempicka decided to start her perfume business: “I invented my first perfume by drawing on my most distant memories,” she said, “to restore the intense moment when the child expects to be a woman. . To the child I offered the flavor, to the woman, the flower. Thus was born the intoxicating nectar of the licorice flower. This is how one of the most gourmet and popular juices of feminine perfumery was […]

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